• Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30
  • 84017 Positano (SA) Italia
  • Tel +39 089 875066
    Fax +39 089 811798
  • [email protected]
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Emporio Sirenuse

The first Emporio Le Sirenuse boutique was opened in 1990 opposite the Hotel's entrance. It has today developed into three units: a men’s store, a women’s store next to it, and a small home décor store in the hotel's lobby.

Le Sirenuse, Positano collection was launched in the summer 2013. It embodies the colors of Positano and the chic, understated elegance of Le Sirenuse hotel, of which it bears the name. Carla Sersale, the designer behind the brand, is part of the owning family of the hotel.

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