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(All open-air activities are subject to weather conditions)


7.00 am
PILATES – The art of controlled movements

Our class is designed for all levels. When practiced regularly, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops total-body control and endurance.

Activity time: 45 minutes
Meeting point: The SPA
No charge

8.30 am

The 50-minute Megaformer workout merges the nurturing approach of Pilates with the rigors of bodybuilding, while addressing the five key elements of physical fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility.

Activity time: 50 minutes  
Meeting point: The SPA
No charge

11.00 am

Le Sirenuse has long prided itself on its indoor and outdoor planting scheme. If you have a passion for gardening and nature, why not let our experienced gardeners take you on a tour of the plants, trees and flowers that thrive here in the hotel, illustrating the provenance of both rare and native varieties and how to care for them.

Activity time: 1 hour
Meeting point: Hall on the 5th floor
No charge


12.30 pm

The little bay of Nerano boasts some of the coast’s best restaurants. Please ask our concierge for advice and reservations. On the way, the boat will stop by the picturesque grotto known as the “Cathedral” where those who wish can have a swim. On arrival in Nerano, you will be dropped at the restaurant of your choice. After lunch, the boat will bring all participants back to Positano.

Acivity time: about 5 hours
Meeting point: The wooden dock at the center of Positano beach, a short walk from the hotel
Cost: Boat trip no charge; Lunch to be settled individually with the restaurants
Return time from Nerano: 4.00 pm

Meeting time varies seasonally depending on hour of sunset, please enquire with concierge

Observe Positano from the sea on board the hotel’s glorious traditional gozzo or fishing boat, the Sant'Antonio. Champagne and finger food will be served while the sun goes down and the lights go on in the village houses.

Activity time: about 2 hours
Meeting point: The wooden dock at the center of Positano beach, a short walk from the hotel
No charge

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