Continuous Color Circuit (Columns)

Matt Connors


Le Sirenuse Positano Matt Connors DSC0699


Two columns, one in the lobby, the other downstairs in the restaurant, have been clothed in metal laminate panels. Each is painted a different colour on its facing side and four edges. These are the colours of Positano, of the hotel, picked from an ever-changing medley and applied evenly to a support that is both ‘canvas’ and sculpture, minimalist installation and Baroque trompe l’oeil.

Born in Chicago in 1973 and based in New York, Matt Connors draws upon the history of painting and processes, particularly minimalism and abstraction, but is also influenced by design, poetry, writing and music. While his visual vocabulary is often borrowed from the modernist canon – colours, gestures, grids, framing devices and compositions – Connors’ approach to his work is resolutely contemporary in both method and conception. Although his paintings might appear to depict something ‘real’ – a familiar work of art for example – there is, in fact, no ‘original’. Connors is also known for his large-scale installations and artist books.

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