Nicolas Party


Le Sirenuse Drone 1783


Working in mosaics for the first time, Nicolas Party has transformed that celebrated Positano view of mountains, sun, sea and sky into an exuberant play of overlapping organic forms, a joyous, billowing immersive diorama that shifts and dances underwater. Designed to provoke a fertile confusion in the mind of the viewer, this work created using glass mosaic tiles made by leading Italian mosaic firm Bisazza was inspired by ancient Chinese landscape painting.

Party is a Swiss visual artist who works in a variety of different media, from painting and murals to sculpture, installations, prints and drawings. He embeds art historical references in fantastical works, often rendered in soft pastels, that are saturated with vibrant colour. But through such means as games of perspective, he is equally interested in challenging the norms of representational art and encouraging us to reassess how we receive its codes.

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