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Scent is perhaps the most emotional of our senses. It’s also, researchers tell us, the sense that is most closely connected to memory, along with taste. Would it be possible, wondered Marina Sersale and her husband Sebastián Alvarez Murena, to distil the essence of high summer at Le Sirenuse into a fragrance? To transport the wearer onto that terrace above the sea with its heady floral aura and warm terracotta notes, but also to weave in hints of other Positano aromas, from the incense of the town’s mother church to the yellow clover that grows wild in the hills above?

It took three years to answer those questions in the affirmative, years of unceasing testing, planning, and development. The result was Eau d’Italie – the name given to that first fragrance, and to the collection and body line that it would inaugurate.

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Launched in April 2014, Eau d’Italie represented a groundbreaking novelty in the exalted world of fragrance design. Before long, some major players began to sit up and take notice. Milan’s fashionista concept store 10 Corso Como added that original fragrance to its meticulously curated selection, and soon other prestigious stockists followed – Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Liberty in London, Colette in Paris, and many others. Meanwhile, Eau d’Italie was growing and evolving into a collection of fragrances and associated body products that took the brand’s growing band of aficionados on an olfactory tour of Italy, from Sicily to Lake Maggiore. Each fragrance aimed to capture a place, a mood, a memory of the bel paese

Two decades on from those first animated converations at Le Sirenuse that planted the seed of the idea, the brand has become, in the words of Sebastián Alvarez Murena, “the ambassador of a certain very cosmopolian Italian style, equally at home in Positano, Milan, New York, London or Los Angeles." To celebrate the milestone, Eau d’Italie is presenting a new fragrance and at the same time changing the look of its entire line, while remaining true to the new dolce vita spirit that has always informed it. For the brand’s other co-founder, Marina Sersale, the redesign is not about changing tack but about staying true to its core values: “Since the very beginning”, she says, “one of our great joys has been that of keeping Eau d’Italie always new, beautiful, relevant and part of our times”.

Its smart new livery rejuvenates the Eau d’Italie collection, giving the reshaped white lacquer bottles a more luxuriously intimate feel and crowning them with a mirror-polished solid brass cap that exudes discreet glamour. This echoes the recent mise au jour of Le Sirenuse’s Don’t Worry bar with its opulent, burnished brass detailing, onyx counter and gold-leaf ceiling.

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Making its bow in these stylish new clothes, Eau d’Italie’s latest fragrance, Jasmine Leather, is a contemporary tribute to the ancient Florentine tradition of scented leather. In the city that gave birth to the Renaissance, to step out with a pair of jasmine-scented leather gloves was once considered the epitome of fashion and refined taste. Jasmine Leather blends notes of elemi, saffron, jasmine, leather, patchouli and cedarwood in a seductive blend that also pays homage to Italy’s great artisanal traditions. It’s a captivating new addition to a line with a gorgeous new look.

See the latest collection on the Eau d'Italie website

US clients can find the full Eau d’Italie range at Beautyhabit

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