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09.07.2019 RECIPES

Its secret ingredient is the raspberry and Lillet Blanc reduction that recalls this perfect gentelman’s regular daily tipple – wild berry juice. We recommend sampling it in Le Sirenuse’s Champagne Bar, renamed ‘Aldo’s’ in June 2019 in tribute to the impeccably turned-out bon vivant.


  • 36ml Jamaican rum and 24ml Cuban rum, blended together
  • 20ml Reduction of raspberries and Lillet Blanc
  • 15ml Orange Curaçao
  • 5ml Elderflower syrup
  • 20ml Lemon juice

The raspberry and Lillet Blanc reduction should be made at least a day before. Take a kilo of well-washed raspberries and 700cl of Lillet Blanc (a French wine-based aperitif based on Semillon with the addition of macerated citrus fruits and quinine). Pour both into a large saucepan with a kilo of unrefined white ‘panela’ cane sugar, bring to the boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for around 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Leave to cool, then pour through a fine sieve, bottle, and keep in the fridge.

Put a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and add, in order, the rum, orange Curaçao, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, and reduction of raspberries and Lillet Blanc. Shake vigorously. Pour from the shaker through a sieve into a Nick & Nora glass (this is known as double straining), and serve with a twist of lemon.

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